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KenneyJam2017 entry. A VR experiment to have a play around  with Unity and VR development. You must control your men to defend your king against the incoming orcs. 

There were no horse assets, so like Monty Python I improvised :D 

I learned a lot and had a blast making this. Please enjoy and I appreciate constructive feedback. 

VIVE with two controllers required! Seated Play.

I only have a VIVE so I just built for that. 


  Left/Right Controller
Touchpad to bring up pointer.
Trigger to active option.
Menu button

  Left Controller
Touchpad press, point then release to new position.

Issue Orders
  Right Controller
Touchpad press, select unit from group, press trigger to active
Point to new location, then release touchpad. 

   Swing your sword at the enemy.

1.2 - I've just been adding little fixes and some code improvements when I have a spare hour here and there.

- Groups of troops do a better job of getting into formation

- Fix for fine selection of troops.

- Player can actually die....

- Groups now spawn after 60 seconds rather than just having two groups per side.

- Basic enemy AI. 

- Troops block less often. 

- Hit effect on troops. 

- Pooling and other code improvements.

Install instructions




Will probably crash or throw a wobbler if you don't have a VIVE. 


Onwards Sir Horse! Version 1.2 Kenney Jam. Fixes and the like 20 MB

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