28/04/2017 - Finished work for the weekend so spent an hour just fixing two issues.

- Fixed clipping/people floating issue.

- Fixed placement bug.

- Left original submissions in case people want to check those :D


- Added WebGL version.

- Added Linux and Mac build. These are untested as my linux laptop is at work, and I don't have a Mac.

- These are the same as the original submission, just it was early in the morning when I was submitting and didn't think to do a webgl version.

LD38 Entry here

Sculpt your world, and place your tribe. Watch them spread as they build new houses, and boats to explore your small world.

Created by @binaryferret

Music by @MrJoshuaMcLean

Special thanks for @MrJoshuaMcLean for creating such a beautiful bit of music. Especially as my relevant input on it was pretty much please make me 'happy space music'.

A vastly different game to the original idea. Unfortunately due to some real life issues I lost a good chunk of time. Also a particular Vector2 masquerading within a bunch of Vector3.Distance calls left me banging my head against a wall for a long time....Lessons learned.

I set out to make a warlike tribe v tribe but due to time limits I swerved madly in another direction. Limited, but I've really enjoyed working on this Ludum Dare! I've also learned a lot.

I hope you enjoy this submission. I will defo be updating it in the future.

Also I'm aware they float..it was a cheap last minute hack to get around a clipping issue that threw them into space and then they bounce around the planet. :D


Mostly all information is provided on the UI.

Please note the little people will learn the map as they explore, as at first they only see around their first building

Clicking P or S (or pushing keys P or S) will put you in sculpt or place mode.

Left clicking in sculpt mode will raise land

Right clicking in sculpt mode will lower land.

Left clicking in place mode will place the tribe (can only do once unless reset)

Right click in place mode will plonk down a tree.

Placing people in water will cause them to go nuts.

mouse scroll zooms in camera.

Arrow keys rotate camera.

Backspace resets world.

Escape - Quits.

Install instructions

Windows, Linux, Mac - extract and run the relevant executable file.


Yours_LD38_binaryferret_0_2.zip 18 MB
Yours_LD38_binaryferret_0_1.zip 19 MB
Yours_LD38_binaryferret_0_2_LinuxUniversal.zip 33 MB
Yours_LD38_binaryferret_LinuxUniversal_0_1.zip 33 MB
Yours_LD38_binaryferret_0_2_MacUniversal.zip 32 MB
Yours_LD38_binaryferret_MacUniversal_0_1.zip 32 MB

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